Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moving On Up

Recently we were having dinner at our friends' house and they had their 7-month-old daughter in a high chair. We didn't even realize Owen could go in a high chair because he isn't sitting up on his own yet, but the 5-point harness holds him up. So we broke out the high chair,a very nice gift from the Lee's and he's loving being at the same height as us at the dinner table. Here, he's having a staring contest with his friend, the blue elephant from Manoj.

Like most babies, Owen has a heightened sense of smell and has an uncanny ability to tell the moment the food hit the table from his Pack 'n Play.Now he can sit with us and watch the big people eat until he gets bigger and we get to watch him eat. Also, it's true, having a baby does force you to eat faster!

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