Monday, March 23, 2009

Road Tripping

We took a different kind of road trip with baby this year. We headed down to Florida, roughly 500 miles from Atlanta to Fort Myers Beach. After packing up the car with all kinds of baby stuff, we discovered that our water heater was leaking. One call to the plumber later, we hit the road.

We broke up by the trip by stopping in Gainesville, Florida. Used Priceline to get a hotel, which was a steal at a Hilton. Even the desk clerk told me it was a good deal. I prefer priceline to hotwire these days. Travel tip: Use to check beforehand what hotel you are likely to get. If you get the hotel on your first bid on priceline, you probably bid too high.

Back to the road trip. Owen slept most of the time in the car, which was great. But when we were one mile from our destination, we got stuck behind a trolley that stopped every minute and he was melting down. One blowout diaper and a side of the road diaper change and we were back on our merry way.

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