Friday, August 04, 2017

Ready for School

The kids started school this week. They are at the same school, Westchester Elementary, and will be Westchester wolves.

Zoe had her last day at Smarties and they rolled out the red carpet for the kids. She was given the Miss Responsabilidad for her attention, dedication and commitment to tasks.

On the second day of kindergarten, she got crowned Queen Zoe and sat on a throne. The kids made her a book with drawings. Her favorite food: mac and cheese. Her favorite animal: zebra. Her favorite color: pink.

Owen started third grade and knows the drill at school. He started playing academy soccer and is excited. His favorite thing to talk about is Minecraft, even though he doesn't get to play often. The day before school, he got to have ramen for lunch.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bouldering while Traveling

We picked a rainy, chilly week to visit RI this summer. To avoid going stir crazy, we went to a rock climbing gym. Both of the kids liked bouldering and climbing. Luckily, they didn't test out my upper body strength.

Watch a video of the kids climbing.

We also took in a Ocean Waves baseball game and the kids got to climb again. We even watched the mascot climb/get pulled up the wall. See another video of Zoe and Owen climbing the portable wall.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Saturday on the Square

Last weekend the kids and I were at the library and on our way to dinner, we walked through the square. We spotted some people in capoeira shirts and they told us about a demo in 10 minutes. We decided to watch and Zoe was looking for her teacher Bruno to arrive. They were already sparring when Bruno showed up. Zoe went over to say hi to him. He took her by the hand into the center and said, "Let's play." She knew all the moves!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Interviews with Kids

After dinner tonight, we decided to test out my new video camera. (Thanks, Wai Gong!) First I interviewed Zoe, then Owen. Then the kids each took turns interviewing me.

Zoe's Favorites

Owen's Favorites, Part I

Owen's Favorites, Part II

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Warriors All the Time

Owen has a new obsession, a book series called Warriors. It follows different clans of cats and has a whole mythology of its own.

Here he is explaining how Firestar is related to Graystripe:

Got it? He likes to quiz us on Warriors trivia, but it is almost as hard for me to remember as Pokemon characters.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dreaming of Cali

We had a fantastic time visiting CA this summer. We stayed in San Jose and went to my cousin Beatrice's wedding. The kids were very excited to see the ceremony and then watched Finding Dory during the reception.

Then we went to SF to visit Mark and his family, hanging out with Baby Andrew at his place, playing Monopoly and checking out Dolores Park. We picked up a few pastries at Tartine Bakery and went to the cafe at Chez Panisse for lunch. This checked off one item on my bucket list and we wrote out a few more items.

After this visit, we headed to Yosemite, where we were duly impressed by the majestic views. We saw Lower Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, El Capitan, Bridalveil and Glacier Point. Both kids earned their Junior Ranger badges, when they weren't arguing in the back seat. The highlight was seeing a bear cub cross our path on the way to Mirror Lake. We watched it for awhile and then it bounded across the path we were on. Exciting sighting!

We also got to catch up with friends, The Do Family, in San Jose. The kids played, caught june bugs and Owen even got to ride a hoverboard. A fun time had by all! See the whole set of photos from CA.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sights at St. Simons

For spring break, we took the kids to St. Simons Island. We had great weather and had fun renting bikes, eating ice cream and going to the beach. The drive is about five hours and we listened to some favorite podcasts like Brains on Science, The Show about Science and Story Pirates.

We visited the Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island and adopted a sea turtle named Nicole. We went to Driftwood Beach, which is picturesque and aptly named.

We also went to Savannah, which had an outdoor children's museum and railroad museum. We rode an old locomotive and got to experience a coal-powered train, soot and all.

The kids even got along relatively well, given an incentive to be nice to each other. And since we got back, we got an update that Nicole the sea turtle is ready to be released back to the ocean!

View the set of photos from the trip.