Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dinner with Friends

One of the most memorable parts of our travel adventures has been meeting friends of friends who live all over the world and sharing a meal together. There is something delightful about making a new friend in a new place. In many ways, I've become less of a tourist and can now live easily out of a suitcase (to my surprise). I love exploring cities on foot and uncovering cultural nuances, like how Thais are too polite to let you foot the bill.

Last night we dined at my favorite neighborhood pub Brick Store and greatly enjoyed the company of our new friend Peter who grew up in Bulgaria and lives in DC now. He promised to put us in touch with an Italian journalista in Rome who apparently has the most amazing view of a church from her bathroom. We are headed to Tuscany in November to go olive picking with friends from Atlanta. Ciao bella!

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