Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween Hijinks

This year Owen and I talked about a plan for Halloween costumes. Zoe would be a slice of pepperoni pizza, he would be a teenage mutant ninja turtle who loves pepperoni pizza, I would be a pizza delivery guy and Phil would be a pizza box.

As it got closer to Halloween, jt became clear that this would be harder to pull off than anticipated. So the kids had to settle for store-bought costumes. Luckily teenage mutant ninja turtles are popular again. Owen was Michelangelo and Zoe was a bumblebee and supergirl. At school they called her supernina!

Zoe can sing Twinkle twinkle in 3 languages. Here she is doing it in Spanish.

Zoe wants to do and have everything her big brother does which leads to the occasional tustle. The other day I found this note in the playroom. 

Translation: Zoe kicked me in the hip and pushed me.

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