Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School

The summer went by in a flash. We made one last trip to visit Nana and Papa in RI. The kids had a grand time and loved going to the beach.

Owen rode his boogie board on the waves and of course, Zoe tried to do the same thing. She called it 'my boat.'

We caught up with Mark and Erin, Auntie Roseann, Auntie Sharon and the Gleason clan.

We walked to the Pointe, ate lobster, went to the farmers market and enjoyed being by the ocean.

Now that school has started back up, summer seems like a distant memory. Owen is now one of the older kids in his class and he was excited to get back. 

Zoe is talking a lot at school in Spanish. She has quite a social personality and loves to talk to everyone.

Recently, she put a sticker on my arm and said, 'No se-TO-ca!' She must hear that a lot at school: Do not touch! Hands off!

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