Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Turning One

Last Friday night, Zoe took her first steps. She had been taking a few baby steps for awhile. But right before bedtime, she decided to walk 10 steps in her pjs (with footsies!) and holding a big bag of diapers. Now she will take our hand and march around.

Over the weekend, we had a birthday gathering with red lanterns, noodles and dumplings. We did a Chinese first birthday ceremony to determine her future career. We laid out a stethoscope (medical sciences), calculator (finances), ball (athlete), highlighter pen (scholar) and paintbrush (artist).

Zoe chose the highlighter pen first (like Owen) and then played with the baseball. So we are saying she picked scholar-athlete. Owen says he is going to be a scholar-doctor.

Zoe had her first taste of cake and she loved it.

Zoe showing off her first steps. She can walk right across the room!

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