Saturday, February 19, 2011

Surf and Turf

We're wrapping up a lovely, relaxing vacation in Florida. This is Owen's third trip to Ft. Myers Beach. The first year we drove from Atlanta (12 hours of driving) which turned out to be one hour too long. Now we fly and (knock on wood) that's been the way to go.

Owen had a fun time with his Nana and Papa. He loved building sandcastles, collecting sea shells, swimming in the pool and jogging on the beach (see video). It took four adults to keep up with him. We saw gators, hawks, monkeys and more at the Naples Zoo. We managed to scare away the birds and the birdwatchers at Corkscrew Swamp with a toddler screeching at the top of his lungs.

We got to enjoy a few date nights with the grandparents on duty. We saw Black Swan and dined at two excellent restaurants in Naples, Fla: Persian cuisine at Bha! Bha! and Spanish cuisine at IM Tapas. Both were delightful and found on a blog aptly named An Insatiable Appetite. If you're headed to Fort Myers or Naples, the Chowhound boards also had some recommendations for good eats. Just don't try to get a table at 9pm in the land of the early bird specials!

See Owen jogging for yourself:

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