Monday, February 23, 2009

The Best Baby Products Ever

Since baby entered the picture, our house has quickly filled up with stuff. You can't enter a room without tripping over baby bins and gear. I find pacifiers in my pocket and under my desk, burp cloths in my purse and baby socks in my laundry. Our bedroom is spilling over with baby clothes, we change diapers in the breakfast area and the guest bathroom has turned into bathtime central. Don't even get me started on the dining room which might as well have a sign that reads "baby storage area." And who knew that you need two hampers to keep up with the baby's laundry?

But I'm getting off track, which is one of the side effects of motherhood. Here, I wanted to share what are the best baby products imho:

1) Tiny Love Symphony-In-Motion Mobile. Plays music and has colorful donkeys that move. This beautiful contraption buys me 10 minutes to shower in the morning. Heavenly.
2) Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 / QuickCam Pro 9000. Phil's brother gave this to us for Xmas and we use it to skype (free!) with the grandparents and other friends around the world. Amazing.
3) Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seatand Snap 'n go stroller. The car seat is a must and Owen likes to sleep in it so far. The stroller is basic but sooo convenient. Plus it saves my back, which aches after using the Bjorn. I recommend the Ergo Baby Carrierinstead.
4) Graco Pack 'n Play Playard. We have it downstairs and it's a lifesaver. If only the stars and moon mobile moved on their own.
5) Sleep Sheep. Plays white noise and whale sounds. Anything that helps baby sleep is a must.
6) The First Years Bottle Warmer. This is Phil's favorite and baby has become particular about wanting his milk to be a certain temperature.
7) Boppy Pillow.I wish I invented this thing because everyone has one. It's super handy.
8) Shermag Glider Rocker Combo. I went back and forth on this before the baby, but it is nice. If you have a big comfy chair, it might not be necessary, but I recommend it.
9) Hands-free bra and Medela Pump in Style. Ok, this one is more for mom, but anything that helps mom is good for baby too. Don't go with the halter, the sizing is off.
10) Dreamland CD.Lullabies sung by musicians around the globe. Actually I like all of the Putamayo CDs and they have a kids playground series. The The Animal Playground CDhas classics like "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" and new favorites like "Don't step on a snake."

I also love all of the children's books we've gotten, especially Dr. Seuss and a customized name book that spells out Owen's name with animals. Our favorite book is called Owen & Mzeeand is a true life tale of a friendship between a baby hippo that loses his mom during the tsunami and a 100-year-old tortoise. So sweet.

Other miscellaneous tips: I'm a huge fan of Tea clothing and Dwell Studio. If you are looking for a baby present, you can't go wrong with burp cloths or socks.

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