Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dolphin and Gator-Spotting at Hilton Head

We took a long weekend at Hilton Head Island and had perfect weather, sunny in the low 80s. We got a great hotel deal on Priceline and it was only about a four-hour drive from Atlanta. The beach was just a stone's throw away. We took a dolphin cruise and tried to snapped photos madly, but alas, those dolphins jumping are tough to capture! We also went kayaking, which was fun and fortunately, we didn't see any sharks. We did see some alligators and turtles at the Sea Pines Forest Reserve.

We also pigged out at the restaurants which weren't crowded because it's low season. Had a fabulous pasta dish at Il Carpaccio which reminded me of Italy. We continued the donut tradition with hot donuts at the Flamingo House of Doughnuts (order the Boston Creme). Also, delish ice cream at Hilton Head Ice Cream. Yum.

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