Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bon Voyage, Mon Amie!

My dear friend Alissa has set sail on the Queen Mary II on her grand old voyage to England, then France and off to Spain. (She's got an aversion to flying and lists Titanic as one of her favorite movies.) Since boarding the enormous ocean liner is much more exciting than my summer adventures, thought you'd enjoy hearing about her trip. If anyone else wants to guest blog, please give me a shout. From Alissa:

"Ship's blog: 6/23, from 60degrees, 45.5' - I don't really know... So far so good! I just paid the 13.50 for 1/2 hour of internet...(my mom begged me to). You're all my first email. I'm in cruise mode and it's lovely. We sit at a table with 7 others, one couple - Harry and Carol - have been traveling for 12 years. 3 months is the longest they've been anywhere. Everyone else is Irish. I thought maybe I felt seasick today, but I think I'm just sunburned, having joined the pale English and Germans (800 of them on the boat) for some direct sunlight on the 7th deck. Oh yeah.

The ocean is vast and beautiful and only makes you stare. You cannot stop staring. I think we're 200 miles from Greenland? Anyway..."

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