Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Two Minutes on HGTV

Over the weekend, I got to be on a HGTV shoot. My friend Aparna was selected for the show "Sleep on It," where prospective buyers get to spend the night at the house they want to buy... a trial run of sorts. The house was a historic Craftsman in the heart of Virginia Highlands, two stories with a carriage house in the back. It was a beautiful older home, but could use some renovations. I think I say on camera something like, "Well, if money were no object..."

It was fun and a bunch of her friends and family were invited. They had delicious Indian food from M.S.B. and I ended up stuffing my face instead of talking on camera. The A/C had broke and the camera lighting was intense, so everyone was sweating. The show is supposed to air in Sept. so stay tuned.

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