Monday, April 14, 2008

Escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Getting away from it all can mean just a short drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains, which lives up to its name. This photo above was snapped from the top of Amicalola Falls, the highest falls in Georgia right at the base of the Appalachian Trail. We rented a cabin with our friends Kim and LJ and had a wonderful time hiking, grilling and chilling out. We managed to take a break from snacking to do a seven-mile hike on the Benton Mackaye Trail, which had great panoramic views of the lake. It was perfect weather and relatively peaceful, except for getting mowed down by mountain bikers on an adventure race through the rough terrain. The biggest surprise came when we bumped into a black rat snake, who reared its head and sent the girls screaming and running, disrupting the peace. Here, we're jumping for joy, celebrating our quick getaway!

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Breathe said...

One of many great memories!!! What a special weekend - in so many ways.