Saturday, March 15, 2008

Twister Sweeps Downtown Atlanta

You might have heard about the tornado Friday night that hit downtown Atlanta--splitting the roof at the Georgia Dome during the SEC tournament game, shattering windows at the Omni Hotel and damaging a number of buildings including CNN center. Gusts of wind topped 130 miles per hour. The residential neighborhood of Cabbagetown sustained some of the worst damage with more than 20 homes flattened. The top floor of the Cotton Mill Lofts collapsed. Trees and power lines were down. Our friends who live nearby arrived home from dinner to find their place demolished. The chimney had been lifted by the twister and then deposited in the middle of the kitchen, leaving a gaping hole in the roof and obliterating their fridge and floor. It is an unbelievable sight. Thankfully, they are safe and have found a new apartment to rent. But it really makes you appreciate the simple things like having a place to call home.

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