Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tourist in the Big Apple

Even though I lived in NYC for two-plus years, I feel like a total tourist visiting these days. Students were on spring break, so it was a mob scene on the streets, especially near Times Square and Macy's (with their annual Flower Show).

We checked out the International Center for Photography (ICP), which is a cool space at 43rd and 6th. One of the changing exhibits is the Archive Project, which includes a display of front page newspapers from around the world on Sept. 12, 2001. My favorite series is by Fazal Sheikh, who took these incredible images of Afghans holding photographs of their loved ones, like the haunting one above.

The thing I miss the most about living in the city is having food delivered at all hours to your doorstep. We stayed at a friend's place in the W. Village, where right around the corner there is a fabulous little pastry shop called Claude's with divine chocolate croissants.

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