Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Show Me the Miles

We are planning another trip to Thailand in April. Yippee! Totally psyched about the visit and thrilled that I was able to book my flight using Delta SkyMiles. It took awhile for the agent to find seats but being patient paid off. I put the itinerary on hold for two days. When I called back to confirm, there was a glitch because they had my last name wrong. This was a hassle because they had to restart the ticket. After some wrangling, the agent said he pulled some strings because he didn't want "my husband, a premium member to feel a stale old doughnut from, you know, Krispy Kreme." Well, alrighty then.

So I am flying through Seoul, Korea to BKK and back the same way, which is much better than the circuitous route I took last time. (Farewell, Frankfurt!) It turned out to be only 60,000 miles to book the round-trip, which I think is a complete fluke. But who's complaining?!

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