Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who Are the Oceanic Six?

I'm hooked on Lost again this season. The flash forwards are brilliant and trying to guess which six survivors make it off the island is good cocktail party fodder. So far we know it's Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid. The fifth is probably Sawyer. So who's got the last spot? Maybe Locke, but he's dead set against leaving. Maybe Claire, but would the baby count as another spot? And when is the show going to deal with Jack and Claire's sibling history?

For true fans, the Lostpedia runs through every episode giving the play-by-play. Turns out that Hurley sees Jack's dad in Jacob's cabin. And in a scene that was deleted from the "Economist" episode, Miles, Kate and Sayid are able to pass through the perimeter fence. DocArzt's Lost blog has the transcript here.

Thankfully, the writer's strike is over which means an extra 13 episodes for this season. For those who haven't caught the Lost bug, what are you waiting for ? Rent seasons 1-3 and watch 'em back to back.

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