Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make Mine a Cosmo, Ladies

Earlier today I had a raucous time interviewing Michael Patrick King, the writer, director and producer of the Sex and the City movie (slated for release May 30th) for a film magazine. Alas, he didn't confirm whether Carrie gets hitched to Mr. Big or if Charlotte is preggers, but the rumor mill is all abuzz about the famed quartet's return to the Big Apple, a bit older and a bit wiser, perhaps. The original cast is all intact, looking as fashionable and sexy as ever.

I skipped my girly quiz question (Which SATC character are you?) and instead asked, in a very Carrie-esque way: Have times changed for the fab four, or in spite of time passing, have things stayed much the same? Stay tuned for the response.

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