Wednesday, November 14, 2007

La Dolce Vita

Everything tasted better in Italy. The gelato, of course, and all of the food, wine and cappuccinos, which apparently should only be ordered early in the day, according to proper etiquette. We had a marvelous time, dining from dusk to dawn with the group at cozy pizzerias and charming cafes. After a successful outing at the frantoio, or olive press, we took it easy for a few days. We climbed the clock tower in Sienna overlooking the mother of all piazzas and viewed the frescos in Arezzo. The Italians enjoy a passegiata, or stroll around 7pm when everyone walks down the main cobblestone avenue and greets their friends, "Ciao! Ciao!" They really know how to enjoy the good life. Sigh.

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