Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wat is the What

Sawadee kah! If I had to sum up our trip so far and life in general around Bangkok, it would go something like this: Eat. Pray. Shop.

Step 1: Feast on delightful curries, tom yum soup and spicy dishes with hard-to-pronounce names. At any hour of the day.
Step 2: Visit wats, or temples. Had a traditional Thai massage at Wat Pho where the city's hustle-bustle just melts away. Today we climbed into a cave atop a mountain at the Wat of Golden Dragon in Kanchanaburi. This is also the wat where a floating nun (doing poses in a swimming pool) entertains tourists. She was apparently off-duty during our visit.
Step 3: Browse and negotiate with vendors at markets hawking jewelry and tons of goods.
Step 4: Sleep. Repeat Steps 1-3.

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