Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Little Miss Personality

Recently Zoe has taken a liking to drawing and she really focuses on her work. She would rather be drawing than putting her clothes on, eating or getting ready for bed.

Over the weekend, she had a play date with three of her favorite friends. The twins left her school in August and she has really missed them.

In this video, Zoe is making up her own story to go with the pictures, pulling from her own imagination about the mom's demands.

Awhile back we got some colas from the Coke museum and Owen has been pestering us to drink them. We finally relented and this was the conversation between the kids.

O: Do you want to try it, Zoe?
Z: That's yuck. It smells yuck.
O: But it's sweet and tastes good.
Z: Ok, yea, I'll try it.

And there you have peer pressure at work. 

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