Sunday, February 08, 2015

Zoe Turns 3

This girl has brought boundless joy and laughter into our lives. She is constantly surprising us with her infectious energy, thoughtfulness, independent streak and sense of humor. Happy 3rd birthday to my smart, sweet, sassy Zoe!

Zoe has been asking non-stop about her birthday since Dec. after Owen's party. She has been telling everyone, 'My birthday coming.'

She was especially excited to have three classmates from school and a Cinderella cake. She requested that the kids sing 'Kings and Queens' like at Owen's party. She can watch this video of the rendition until next year.

The balloons were a hit and entertaining. They were her favorite colors, red and orange.

Zoe climbed the rock wall at the playground today. When Phil asked her when she learned to do that, she answered, 'when I turned 3.'

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