Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Good Life in SC

We took a trip to the beach in Hilton Head and stayed at a villa on Sea Pines. It's about a 4.5-hour drive and we hit a spell of traffic on the way out of town. There are definitely stretches without good pit stops along the way. We tried to stop for lunch in Macon but found nothing open.

When Zoe was a baby, she hated riding in the car and usually howled bloody murder the whole time. We went to Hilton Head when she was just 3-months-old and she screamed most of the way. This time she did much better and was excited to 'go to beach.' She didn't nap at all which was a surprise but we blame the chocolate milk she had at lunch.

Sea Pines is really kid-friendly and there was plenty to do. We rented bikes. Zoe rode in a seat on the back of Phil's bike. Owen rode his own bike. In one day, we biked to the stables and back and then to dinner at the Salty dog and back while it was getting dark. Owen rode an impressive 12 miles that day. People who passed us would remark what a good job he was doing. I was yelling, 'Stay on the right' a lot.

We went to the pool, beach, rode a trolley, went to the petting zoo and ate ice cream. No complaints there! We even saw three alligators and ten turtles at a nature reserve near Sea Pines. Next time we might linger longer!

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