Thursday, August 01, 2013

Earning His Yellow Belt

I admit it. I was bursting with pride when Owen got his yellow belt.

This was no sticker just handed out for merely showing up to an activity. No, this took some sweat, hard work and yes, even a few tears.

Owen started taking karate just after turning four and was one of the smallest kids in the class.

The kids are expected to pay attention, follow instructions without questioning and respond, 'Yes, Sir' to the teachers for the entire class.

This is no small task for a four-year-old. Those last fifteen minutes of class Owen would invariably start wiggling and zoning out.

Those last minutes are also, of course, when the kids test for the next belt.

So there I was, holding my breath and silently willing Owen to concentrate and hoping that he could pull it together.

And he did.

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