Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fun on the Fourth

We've been experiencing a heat wave in Atlanta (hello, 106 degrees!) but at least we didn't lose power like some friends in the Virginia area. We've been trying to stay cool indoors (thank you, AC) and going to the pool.

For the Fourth of July, we went to a neighborhood parade in Avondale Estates with some friends from Owen's new school. It was on a nice shady street and the most exciting part for Owen was the police car that threw candy out the window.

There was also some costumed Star Wars characters, superheroes and a man on stilts. "How did he get so tall?" Owen asked. "He must have eaten a lot of veggies," we told him.

Zoe is almost five-months-old and she is a sweet baby. She loves to smile and is trying to crawl. She can move forward by scooting slightly and can grab things with her iron grip.

Here's are two video of Zoe: one on her tummy time mat grabbing her toys and the other of her on the move. Phil claims she can't crawl but I've seen her move forward in little increments.

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