Friday, April 30, 2010

Hard at Work

Owen went to visit his dad in his new office (nice windows!) and decided he needed some help manning the phones. He set off the metal detectors at security, screamed through the halls and dropped raisins in co-workers offices. Do you think he'll be invited back?

In other news: My dear friend Mya is nearing her due date and she's hoping baby will be making his grand appearance soon (pictured here with Ruby). Here's hoping the juju gods will grant her wish soon and baby will arrive in style and healthy. He's got the nicest wardrobe (all organic, of course) of any baby I know, so that will make for some nice photo shoots.

As parents-to-be, you know your life is going to change, but somehow it's indescribable until it does. And now when I think back to those early days, I just can't believe all the changes that take place in just a few months and how I had no idea what to expect. And yet somehow it all works out - beautifully.

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