Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Littlest Accountant

Owen loves playing with new things, especially ones that are electronic--think cell phones, laptops, cameras. Recently he discovered my old solar-powered calculator and had fun punching the buttons. Today he held up a tv remote up to his ear, and said something like "hello, hello." Too cute.

This is my year to save money and I've been able to cut back on most of my shopping splurges. But Black Friday is coming and I'm on the hunt for a laptop for Phil. My cousin Tony got me into the Black Friday craziness two years ago when I got my Garmin GPS, which has been a lifesaver in many ways.

Last year we got a flat-screen TV at Circuit City's closing sale which was an adventure. We (Phil, my dad and me while pregnant) went to Costco first and got a big poinsetta plant there. This was a mistake because it meant our small car had no space to accommodate a TV. The Circuit City people basically laughed at us when they saw how many people we had and how small our car was. But my dad squished into the back seat and we crammed the TV in there with him and managed to make it home, and still laugh about the experience.

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