Thursday, October 08, 2009

One Cool Way to Make a New Photo Look Old

I know this is the age of the digital camera and I can take beautiful, crisp images--again and again!--just with the click of my handy dandy Canon Powershot. But there's something really nostalgic about old photos.

Well, wax on no more. Check out the Bakamatsu Koshashin Generator, which takes your current digital photos and makes them into pictures that look 100 to 150 years old. Don't forget to click on "English" in the top right corner if you can't read Japanese! It's free and takes just 30 seconds. Maybe even less time if you have a jpg at your fingertips.

This photo of my aunt Isabel and me was actually taken in July 2007 on her birthday in Washington, DC at the Chinatown Gate. But doesn't it look like it could be taken in China, even if you can't really make out our expressions?

Here's the actual photo for comparison:

I found this tip on Little Birdie Secrets when I was actually trying to find something about paint colors and whether to go with "Yellow Haze" for the dining room-to-playroom conversion.

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