Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An Indian Wedding to Remember

We went to a beautiful Indian wedding this past weekend in Atlanta. Thursday night was the henna party where women (and some men) got the mehndi, or henna, designs on their hands. The women doing it were pros and it took only 30 seconds to get mine on the back of my hand. You leave it on to dry and the longer you leave it on the darker it stays.Friday night was the sangeet party where there was dancing with sticks. It's so much fun even if you don't know what you're doing. I love the whole series of events that leads up to the big day. And it's nice that it's intergenerational and all-inclusive. A friend said her sister had 1,000 guests at her wedding and her cousin had 2,000 guests. Holy moly!We've been to some Indian weddings where the ceremonies run quite late, but this time it was our turn to run on Indian standard time. The ceremony and reception was at the Atlanta History Center and it is a beautiful venue with a gorgeous garden. It was a blast to dress up in Indian garb and some friends were kind enough to loan us some outfits. Owen looked adorable in his little outfit and like a little prince.

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