Friday, May 02, 2008

Eating 24/7 in Bangkok

It's amazing the food options available in Bangkok. The second you step onto the street, you are hit with the wafting of aromas of grilled meats and other vendors. Everywhere you look, everyone is eating--on the street, in small food stalls and mega food courts, the kind that boggles your mind with choices. Anything you can imagine, you can find it here.

My favorite snack so far are these fried dough balls that come 20 or so in a bag. They are light and airy with a sweet paste inside. Sooo good! We tried ostrich for the first time at dinner by the river at D River, which is also called Dairy Queen and used to be a rice mill. It's tender and tastes a lot like beef. Almost every meal has been terrific that the only hard part is figuring out how to eat constantly! And the Thais manage to stay so skinny.

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