Friday, May 02, 2008

Back to the Kitchen

Took another cooking class at Baipai, which has become rather popular, so you must book in advance! Spent half a day cooking and eating with a group of tourists, mostly from Australia and the UK. The teachers welcomed me back like I was a real pro!

The fabulous menu:
1) Kra-Tong Thong, Crispy Golden Cups, small flower-shaped molds that had a mix of stir-fried pork and veggies
2) Yam Woon Sen, Glass Noodle Salad with prawns and fungus mushrooms
3) Nuea Pad Prik, Stir-fried Beef 'N Chili, not as spicy as it sounds!
4) Gang Ka-ree Gai, Yellow Chicken Curry, with a sweet flavor and my favorite of the batch

I met a woman from China and got to converse in Chinese. Turns out there are a lot of Chinese tourists in Bangkok because of the public holiday and all the shopping malls. Hen hao wan! What fun!

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