Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adventures in Bangkok

Arrived late Tuesday in BKK and the first thing that hit me was a wave of steamy heat, akin to stepping into a sauna. The second thing was the strong smell of barbecue from the street vendors. Just walking down the street will make you hungry!

My friend Ginger, who is teaching English in Bangkok (check out her blog Ginger Uprooted), and I went to visit a Hindu temple, which was really colorful and striking. Since we were in the Indian neighborhood, we tried to find two restaurants in my guidebook. We walked and walked, but alas, no luck! Then it started to rain. We trudged on, but it really started to downpour. We couldn't get a cab and we were pretty far from a skytrain stop, so we got on a bus. (7 baht may be the best deal in town for cover during a storm.) But we couldn't figure out how to get the bus to stop so we missed our stop. We were completely soaked at that point and tried to duck into this little ice cream shop. There were three women heated in discussion, pointing to the karaoke machine. Turns out the rain was dripping inside on the electricial outlet and there was a faint smell of burning rubber. We hightailed it out of there back into the storm and ran back to the station, dripping the whole way home. Once we dried off, we had a nice dinner near her apartment and ended on a wonderful note: mango and sticky rice! Delicious!

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