Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oregon By the Numbers

Miles traversed: 2,321
Number of bridges crossed: 18
California sea lion sightings: 2, Sea Lion Caves and Newport dock
Elk sightings: 1, by the roadside on Rt. 26
Cloudy days: 6 of 7
Sunsets on the beach: 1 (Cannon Beach)
Surfers spotted: 13
Compost bins spotted: 1, at University of Oregon in Eugene
Drive-thru espresso shacks: 22 (Dutch Bros. Coffee seems to be popular)
Fish sandwiches consumed: 5 (the best one at Blackfish Grill)
Real estate purchased: 0

I can definitely see the appeal of retiring in Oregon, especially by the coast. Cannon Beach was my favorite pit stop where we sat and watched the sunset by Haystack Rock. All in all, a successful trip!

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