Thursday, June 07, 2007

Membership Has Its Privileges?

Amex is running a competition called "The Members Project" where anyone can propose an idea to change the world and the top 50 will be in the running for a $5 million prize.

Here's my entry #3799. You can rate it here but you have to login with an account.

Create Now: Jumpstart a Generation of Changemakers
Simple but thoughtful inventions can make a big difference in the world. A $100 laptop that makes technology accessible across the globe. A container shaped like a tire with a leash that makes it easy for a child to carry fresh water home. Shipping containers that double as shelter for refugees during natural disasters. We can create a bootcamp program to teach America's youth about the power of social change and the importance of designing for the world's poor. Through entrepreneurial workshops in schools, educators will win the hearts and minds of youngsters and plant the seeds of innovation. Will you choose to educate a generation of changemakers and ensure a brighter future for the world?

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