Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My red carpet moment

Over the weekend, I was asked by a glossy mag to cover the red carpet at a celeb-studded event... As cameras flashed, I stood neck-to-neck with TV and news reporters, trying to capture guests' attention as they walked in the entrance. The two people I was trying to interview didn't walk the carpet. Denzel Washington was a no-show and Jennifer Hudson came in late. Towards the end of the night, Hudson performed (minus her Oscar) and as she exited the stage, the media swarmed her and chaos ensued. Security quickly closed us down... one producer got smacked in the head by her own cameraman. In a desperate maneuver, I positioned myself at the exit and managed to talk to JHud just as she was whisked into her car by her manager. Five hours in heels and one quote to show for it. All in a day's work... maybe next year I'll make it to the Oscars.

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